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Making Good Scents

Make Soap, Cosmetics, and Perfumes at Home

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Making Good Scents - Winter 98

Read the following articles in the Winter '98 issue of Making Good Scents:

  • Recipes From The Grocery Store: Recipes for Goat's Milk and Honey Soap, Vanilla Body oil and more. 
  • Bath Salts: Pamper yourself with an assortment of recipes for bath salts. 
  • Guidelines for Scenting Your Cosmetics: How much fragrance to use when scenting your creations. 
  • Understanding Plastic Containers: In depth information about plastic containers and how they can affect your cosmetic preparations. 
  • Working With Fragrance - Scented Soaps: An article about the advantages and disadvantages of working with essential oils and fragrance oils to scent soaps. 
  • Sweet Scents: Four recipes for fragrances.

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