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Making Good Scents

Make Soap, Cosmetics, and Perfumes at Home

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Making Good Scents - Winter 2002

Read the following articles in the Winter 2002 issue of Making Good Scents:

  • Make Your Own Lipstick: Recipes for making lipstick at home.
  • Seaweed: Soothe your skin with seaweed soap, a seaweed face mask and more.
  • Perfumes From The Past: Recipes for Bouquet a la Marechale and Bouquet d'Esterhazy.
  • Questions and Answers: Answers to questions about shower gel, lipstick and acne.
  • Packaging With Sea Shells: Ideas and sources for packaging cosmetics with seashells.
  • Business: Tips for growing a bath and body care business during a recession.

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