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Making Good Scents

Make Soap, Cosmetics, and Perfumes at Home

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Making Good Scents - Spring 99

Read the following articles in the Spring '99 issue of Making Good Scents:

  • Vanilla: Vanilla is a scent just about everyone loves. This article includes information about using vanilla in cosmetics as well as several recipes for vanilla scented toiletries. 
  • Fragrances From The Past: Enjoy two fragrances from the past with our recipes for Honey Water and Hungary Water. 
  • Milk Baths: Milk baths are a luxurious treat. Enjoy them with these three recipes.
  • Making Your Own Molds: Save money on fancy molds by making your own. Here are some tips. 
  • Soap Substitutes: In an emergency, if you run out of soap, it is nice to know what your alternatives are. This article looks at three soap substitutes available to you. 

Making Good Scents™ Spring '99 is available at the following:

iBookstore (for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and mac)