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Designer Fragrance Oils

“If you like Chanel No. 19, you’ll love Christy No. 4.” You’ve probably heard or seen a message like this at some time during your life. Many companies sell imitation versions of famous perfumes. And they sell their imitations at a price much lower than the original. How is this done? Using a technique called chromatography, scientists can separate a perfume into its individual chemical components. By doing this they can reconstruct the perfume using aroma chemicals. By applying this process towards famous perfumes, scientists have developed designer fragrance oils.

Designer fragrance oils are great for the home crafter and small business person. They allow you to copy expensive perfumes at a fraction of the cost of the original. However, it is important to note that designer fragrance oils may not duplicate a fragrance exactly. This is because some perfume ingredients, most notably the expensive absolutes such as rose absolute and jasmine absolute, are very expensive and no synthetic substitute can completely duplicate their aroma. In creating a designer fragrance oil, a manufacturer may decide to use a cheaper substitute for the expensive components of a fragrance. If a synthetic substitute for an important ingredient (like jasmine absolute) is used in the replica, or if an important ingredient is omitted from the replica, it will make a difference in the fragrance. They best way to purchase your designer fragrance oils is to order small amounts from different sellers. Test them out for their fragrance, and for their compatibility with your products, and when you find the ones you like, purchase larger quantities as you need them.